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Technical Assistance and Collaborative Outreach

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What we do!


We leverage relationships  and collaborations with like minded individuals and organizations in order to brake barriers of entry as we go to the heart of the community to get to the heart of the problem in marginalized and underserved communities. 


While there are a number of ways to assist those in need, we develop and build community services programs to address  specific needs recognizing that situations can change and an immediate response is required to help and protect those in need.  


Understanding that people are unique and cultures are stong.  We make every attempt to  instill hope by developing and creating programs that meet people “where they are at” while providing strategies that lead them down pathways to success. 


Some services are contingent upon the availability of funding.

Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance to businesses and individuals who need help navigating through systems that give them access to much needed resources. We assist them in completing applications, understanding and interrupting the questions as well as provide guidance on how to acquire documents requested.  In some cases we complete the application on their behalf because they lack technical skills to navigate through the application process.  The amount of technical assistance needed varies from individual to individual.  Call 727-914-9114 

Health Initiatives

We collaborate with medical professionals to implement health education initiatives. The A Touch of Sugar screening narrated by Viola Davis and Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) Peer Educator provides individuals who are diabetic or pre-diabetic with information and tools to manage their condition. 

Workforce Development

Temporary while I gather my thoughts. I often wonder why its called work force. Is it because individuals are forced to work or is it because the force of knowledge ingrained in the minds of those who desire to learn creates a force to be reconneckened with.

Training and Support

With years of experience under out belt and reflections of conversations with employers who hire and fire, there is no denying that continuous training and support is needed in this ever changing environment. With soft skills at the top of the list, potential employees must have people skills that equip them to adapt to change quickly. We offer a comprehensive soft skills training program that prepare individuals for on-site and virtual work environments.  The current crisis has taught us the importance of virtual work soft skills training  in a virtual work environment.  


The road to success is never traveled alone! Collaborations create powerful think tanks, allow for the sharing of support functions, eliminate duplication of efforts, introduce new and undiscovered solutions, and open the door for identifying non-traditional partners. Finding the right collaborations can produce amazing results.


Having the courage to pursue what others only dream of, make visions a reality and life long goals possibilities. We work collaboratively with others to develop programs to meet the needs of under-served and marginalized communities. When needed we negotiate for sponsorship on their behalf.

Our sponsors provide resources to help us serve from our heart, providing help and hope for those we serve

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