DAB Cares



Think tanks don't sink!

We sincerely appreciate support and wanted to share memories of collaboration that open doors of opportunity to transform, education and empower those we serve. 

Etiquette, Fashion and Health Bootcamp program

Nothing strenghtens a project or its sustainability like collaboration which presents the opportunity for “their” organization’s contacts and valued resources to become “your” organization’s contact and valuable resources. During the development of the Etiquette, Fashion and Health Bootcame Faye Watson (DAB Community Services) Audrey Pat McGhee (Fashion Designer and Employe of JWB) and Samantha Richardson (The Gathering of Women) create a project driven think tank to address the needs of youth in underserved communities.   The boot camp’s transformation through education approach focused on building self-esteem, healthy eating, fitness, bullying, respect for other, image branding, hygiene, health (vision, eating habits) and much more.  Each collaborator leveraged their relationships to bring medical professionals,, fashion designers, fashion models, beauty consultants, photograpers, chefs and fitness experts, 

Collaborations paint a picture on the canvas of lives of those we serve.

We support initiatives physically and materially! This includes providing tools, utensils, drawstring bags and other supplies for youth programs.  It also requires a conscious effort to identify and contact potential partners who will step up to the plate and provide support to sustain programs. Whether taking on the role of Mr. & Mrs Claus, watering plants or pulling weeds all hands on deck in their perspective roles is what collaboration is all about.

Community Food Pantry
Leveraging relationships to make connections that get results!

Can vegetables, soup, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter and canned meats such as tuna are great food pantry items.  For example: Green beans, garden peas, lima beans, chicken noodle soup, bake beans, cream and whole corn and other can goods . 

Dried beans, spaghetti, crackers, water, macaroni, cheese, jelly, fruit juice, and tea bags are suggestions. Fruit cups, kool-aid, chips, cookies and other snack items make kids smile although they may not be very healthy. 

Rev. Ronald Gibson, Pastor Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church and Samantha Richardson, President, The Gathering of Women first day preparation to open the Community Food Pantry. 

Willis and Austin did not hesitate when asked to deliver storage cabinets which will be used to store donations of can good and personal hygiene items. .