DAB Cares

About Us


Founded in 2014, DAB Community Services, Inc. is an advocacy and education organization which works independently and collaboratively to develop and build innovative and creative programs which meet the needs of marginalized and under-served communities.   We understand to get to the heart of the problem we must go to the heart of communities mitigating risk that stand in the pathways of individuals attempting to navigate their way through challenges and systems that seemingly rest in a “resource rich but access poor” environment.

We understand that those who control the process, control the outcome that is why we do everything we can to secure funding and influence processes that can make a big difference in the lives of those in need. We emphasis the importance of taking a close look at mitigating factors and develop programs that open doors of opportunities for those who need help the most.  Our projects include but are not limited to providing training, partnering to distribute food but more importantly participating in virtual think tanks that seek to make a difference that individuals can see. 

The road to success is never traveled alone! Join us because we are stronger and better together.is