DAB Cares


We sincerely appreciate each and every one of our supporters.  Below we share a few stories from throughout our journey of services.

It’s often said that no one will ever forget the first and that hold true for DAB Community Services,. Inc.  The year was 2014 when our founder had an idea that having a 501(c)3 was her best option for getting support.  While no seems to come more often than yes, it was wonderful to walk into Tibbetts Lumber, share our vision and get its very first sponship check for $500.   

While issuing a check is nice, giving the one thing that money can’t buy is very important. One phone call in 2016 to their parent company in Charlotte NC requesting support resulting in a directive to Eurest Food Services in St. Petersburg Forida.  We wanted support for our summer boot camp regarding the benefits of healthy eating.  What we received was their Master Chef arrival with 50 health meals, recipe for the lunch content and a discussion regarding the benefit of eating healthy. The participants had the opportunty to ask questions, share ideas and views regarding eating health as well as dig into her personal life. (Are you married, do you have children, pets etc) And of course share information regarding the eating habits of their love ones who were not in attendance.  “My mama, grandmama, sister, brother etc never eat health”  More importantly, DAB Community Services, witnessed the value of collaboration and sharing when we invited the Boys and Girls Club to join us because the Eurest Food Services offer was more than enough for our group of attendees who signed up.   50 plus adults and kids enjoyed the boxed lunch and conversations. 

Note: Great ideas are ment to be shared. Collaborate whenever possible with an open heart, offering help while instilling hope.  HEART  HELP  HOPE!