DAB Cares


Our core principles of Technical Assistance

There are a number of reasons individuals may need technical assistance. Regardless we stand ready to leverage years of experience to help those we serve navigate through the processes that lead them to the resources they need or want. Whether responding to a targeted group or predetermined need DABCS is focused on doing whatever we can to ensure the greatest impact. There is no doubt that the needs of individuals in this community are as diverse as the individuals themselves.  We’re focused on serving marginalized and under-served communities. 

Direct Technical Assistance (TA)

We personally apply our expertise to address and resolve the technical issues of those we serve. Assistance can be provided as follows:

  • In person (practicing a safe distance in response to the coronavirus pandemic)
  • Virtual via zoom or other video conferencing platform
  • Telephone or email 
Indirect Technical Assistance (TA)

Following an interview with the business owner or individual who is seeking technical assistance it may be necessary to point the business or individual to an external source such as another agency or web-based resource. ( For example: an online application or other organization specifically trained or authorized to address the matter)

  • Assistance identifying potential loan or grant program options 
  • Assistance understanding document request and or how to acquire them
  • Assistance navigating through the loan or grant application process
  • Referrals to other support options if deemed necessary
  • Assistance identifying options for resolving their issues. 
  • Assistance understanding what is required of them 
  • Assistance navigating through the process (computer or data entry support or internet access
  • Referral to outside agency 
In additions....
  • Virtual or other training options to enhance their skill sets.