DAB Cares


DAB Community Services, Inc continues to work to meet the needs of the community through collaborations, providing support and training that allow organizations to function more effectively and efficiently and assist individuals in navigating through challenges.  



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Leveraging our skills and relationships to make
a difference you can see!

  • Leveraging relationships to make visions a reality
  • Identifying and securing partners 
  • Creating tracking and accountability solutions
  • Bookkeeping training and support 
  • Budgeting and other operational tools
  • Process evaluation 
  • Process improvement and enhancements
  • Process Mapping and Operational documentation
  • Reconstructive Accounting
  • Reports Design and Generation

Food Pantry in the heart of the community

When a crisis occurs, hitting the ground running is the only option.  A discussion regarding the need to address food disparities in the community between Samantha Richardson and DAB Community Services was exactly what was need to get this project off the ground.  We immediately jumped into our virtual think tank and the collaboration between The Gathering of Women , DAB Community Services and Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church lead to the opening of a Food Pantry in the heart of our community.  

We make a difference!

A crisis can bring about unexpected requirements that can present a challenge for business owners that need to provide for their families.  DAB Community Services, provides technical assistance to those seeking to navigate through systems that demand technical skill sets, analytical ability and next step guidance. 

There is comfort in knowing families are not alone

A crisis can bring about unexpected challenges that require the support of agencies that offer a variety of services to support those in need.  Communities of color are often marginalized and under served yet we must do our best stop generational poverty and seize the opportunity to protect and change the future of our children.  DAB Community Services, Inc seeks out opportunities to collaborate and partner with organizations that meet the needs of the community.  

Churches and other FBCO – Faith Based Community Organizations are usually on the front lines during a crisis. DAB Community Services provides technical assistance to help churches create communications platforms which allow them to reach their members and the community before, during and after a crisis. Grants and donations can help pay for hosting, domain purchase, training, technical assistance and other support.  More now than ever before, our under-served and marginalized communities need access to Faith Based Community Organizations. 

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